Delta Co 11th LIB
Americal Heraldic

Delta Company 1/20

Delta Company, 1st Of The 20th, 11th Light Infantry Brigade
Americal Division

Delta Company Photographs #1

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1st Platoon Photo

1st Platoon photo

Help identify man on left

Help with ID *Found*

Help identify this man

Help Identify man

Billy Cox, Martin Juarbe and Jerry Swenson with local children

Cox, Juarbe & Swenson

Lange and Conger past present

Lange & Conger

Burrus and Hunter

Burrus and Hunter

Barger, Palomares and Cook

Barger, Palomares and Cook

Stutters (?), unknown, John Rosebrook and Cliff Barger with local children

Stutters (?), unknown, Rosebrook and Barger

John Rosebrook, Jim White and Cisco

Rosebrook, White and Cisco

Alan Conger, Jack Hayden and Frank Eustice

Conger, Hayden and Eustice

Bob Brink - Mortar Platoon

Bob Brink - Mortar Platoon

Bob Brink - LZ Charlie Brown

Bob Brink at LZ Charlie Brown



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