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Ronald Walter Ferouge

Ronald Walter Ferouge of the Delta Company
Ronald Walter Ferouge (left)     LC Gillins (right)

Ronald Walter Ferouge was lost on May 14, 1969. During months of April, May & June in 1969 was for Delta Company a very hazardous time. On May 14th, Delta had choppered onto a hill and was almost immediately hit with three mortar rounds. Ferouge was badly wounded by the shrapnel and passed away from his wounds after leaving the battlefield by medical evacuation. He was from San Leandro, California.

Ronald Ferouge and LC Gillins of the Delta Company
unknown, unknown, unknown, Ronald Ferouge standing in center of picture, Dennis Walker, unknown, unknown
with his friend LC Gillins (kneeling, center), with other of our Delta men.

If you can help identify these men, please do so on the Contact link.
Picture submitted by LC Gillins.

A Thank You to Delta Company

Ronald Walter Ferouge is my brother, he is one year older then me. I want to thank everyone who is responsible for remembering him and placing this web page online in his honor. I also want to especially thank his friends who stood beside him in his last days. My brother had a big heart, and he lived a life of compassion and forgiveness. He hated to see any kind of suffering. My brother died on May 14, 1969, even though we are able to cope with the loss, the pain never goes away. My mother and father are still unable to look at his pictures without breaking down. Being a father of two daughters myself, I know the loss of a child leaves a big hole in your heart forever! A part of our soul has died, and we can never recover from it. But knowing that Ron had friends who stood beside him, and loved him, tells me he did not die alone. I ask God to bless each and everyone of you who were there in our place to comfort him when he was wounded until his passing.The thought of him dying without a single family member with him breaks my heart once again. I had to thank his friends for being there, but in doing so, I had to stop several times and compose myself, because I too still cry in private.
Thank you very much for loving my brother, and honoring him.
Rene Ferouge

The young soldier Ferouge is my second cousin, my father is Arthur M. Ferouge. Our roots lie in Indonesia as a colony of the Netherlands until 1948. After the independence of Indonesia almost all Dutch/Indonesians left the country for our homeland the Netherlands. Later on many of them emigrated to the USA, Australia and Canada. We have several Ferouge-members in California (a.o. in Seattle). The features of our nephew are familiar to us. Our French name origins from a grandfather who was an officer (Lanciers) in the French army (1800). After Waterloo (1815) he recieved the highest military reward (Legion d'honneur). He joined the Dutch Army and went to Indonesia. He became famous in the so-called Java-wars. His name is mentioned in the national militairy library as a hero. He died because of disentry.
We regret the loss of our nephew in Viet Nam, but we are proud of him although we don't know him. There are not so many young Ferouge's left today. In the Netherlands there are my brother Ralph, a tax-lawyer and myself Roy, an official of the Court of Audit.
Roy Ferouge

Ronald Walter Ferouge Certificate to the family

Ronald Ferouge was honored at the 2004 Delta Company reunion. This certificate was prepared for his family

If you know anything about him, his home or family, please contact us. Thank you.



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