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Delta Company 1/20

Delta Company, 1st Of The 20th, 11th Light Infantry Brigade
Americal Division

Greater love hath no man than this,
that a man lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13

Remembering those members of the Delta Company 1/20 who are no longer with us.

  Please review this list of our lost brothers. If you can think of any names we have not listed. Contact us so we may include them.

  The Delta Company has two members listed MIA (Missing in Action).   We have set up an information page for our MIA's.

Vietnam Casualties   Last updated: March 31, 2009

Name Home Town Date Rank Panel Line
Richard Lynn Adcock Hinkley, CA 3-8-69 PFC 30W 71
Otto Wayne Aue Live Oak, FL 10-15-68 SGT 41W 63
Loring M Bailey, Jr. Stonington, CT 3-15-70 SP4 13W 129
Richard Lee Bales Fairport, NY 12-4-68 1LT 37W 37
Robert Lawrence Blackwell Gaffney, SC 12-1-70 PFC 06W 100
Glenn Richard Brewster Newark, NJ 3-14-70 SGT 13W 125
Gary Lee Browning Hutchinson, KS 9-18-68 SP4 43W 25
Carl Leon Bruton Siligman, MO 4-14-70 PFC 11W 2
Gerald Thomas Butler Kalamazoo, MI 4-20-70 SSGT 11W 27
Paul Matthew Cahill Framingham, MA 4-5-70 SP4 12W 95
Name Home Town Date Rank Panel Line
Ambrose Wilkie Clay, Jr Nashville, TN 5-7-68 SGT 56E 21
James P Concannon, Jr Morton, PA 9-21-68 PFC 43W 53
James Adolph Craft Hillman, MI 3-1-69 CPL 30W 2
Dick E. Cuff Maxwell, IA 3-20-68 SPC4 45E 39
Gilford Frank Dashner Burlington, MA 9-18-68 CPL 43W 26
Everett Leroy Daugherty Jr. Galena, MO 10-10-68 PFC 41W 43
David Henry De Forge Bloomfield, CT 3-8-69 LT 30W 73
Roland Forrest DiPolo Crestview, FL 6-10-69 PFC 22W 20
Dennis George Donovan Philadelphia, PA 4-12-71 PFC 4W 120
John Francis Downey, Jr Flushing, NY 9-18-68 SSGT 43W 26
Name Home Town Date Rank Panel Line
Steven Paul Etherton Evans, CO 6-13-69 CPL 22W 39
Lawrence Andrew Fanella Syracuse, NY 6-3-69 SGT 23W 52
John Charles Fern Detroit, MI 3-16-70 SGT 12W 5
Ronald Walter Ferouge San Leandro, CA 5-14-69 SP4 24W 5
James Robert Fowler Winder, GA 4-24-70 CAPT 11W 44
Charles Lloyd Freeman Steedman, NC 9-18-68 SSGT 43W 27
James Omer Fryman Indianapolis, IN 9-18-68 CPL 43W 27
Thomas Lee Gaines, Jr Aurora, IL 3-1-69 SP4 30W 4
Ronald Davis Galpin Detroit, MI 5-11-68 PFC 58E 20
Richard George Gardner Washington, DC 4-24-70 1LT 11W 45
Name Home Town Date Rank Panel Line
Atanacio Gomez, Jr Brownsville, TX 4-13-68 PFC 40E 41
Rodney Michael Goode Louisville, KY 3-1-69 SGT 30W 3
Jimmy Ray Gross Hickory, NC 3-1-69 SP4 30W 3
Gregory Allen Gydesen Big Rapids, MI 12-17-70 CPL 06W 126
Glenn Lee Hata Gardena, CA 4-2-71 1LT 04W 101
Jonathon Jeffrey Hawkins South Bend, IN 10-10-68 PFC 41W 40
William Jeffrey Hodges Silver Spring, MD 12-04-68 SGT 37W 39
Scott Warren Iggulden Burbank, CA 11-10-69 CPL 16W 53
Ronald Wayne Ireland ST Elmo, IL 11-16-69 CPL 16W 84
Richard Curtis Jackson West Palm Beach, FL 5-11-68 SPC4 58E 22
Name Home Town Date Rank Panel Line
Robert Lawrence Janowitz Glenrock, NJ 9-18-68 1LT 43W 28
Joseph Barry Jones Lyons, GA 2-5-68 CPT 37E 37
Howard Lawrence Jones Baltimore, MD 7-29-71 SSGT 3E 118
Ben Jowers, Jr Peoria, IL 2-6-68 PFC 37E 59
William Frances Kelley Tampa, FL 8-30-69 SSGT 18W 11
David Washington Kinney Charleston, WV 5-31-69 CPL 23W 28
Ronald Rene Kirkpatrick Ft. Myers, FL 8-7-69 SP4 20W 108
Fred Duane Larson Pollock, SD 4-24-70 PFC 11W 46
David Eugene Lovegren Portland, OR 3-1-69 CPL 30W 5
Bobby Joe Martinez Ft. Wingate, NM 5-11-68 SPC4 58E 23
Name Home Town Date Rank Panel Line
Larry Dean Mc Kenzie Mizpah, MN 6-3-69 SGT 23E 56
Lonnie Dean Moore Lebanon, OR 6-3-69 CPL 23W 55
Michael David Mueller Louisville, KY 5-11-68 SGT 58E 24
Avery Merrill Nye III South Whitely, IN 3-16-70 CPL 12W 8
Roddie Lee Perry Dallas, TX 6-3-69 SP4 23W 56
Billie Wayne Reed Murray, KY 6-3-69 PVT 23W 57
Jerry Leroy Risinger Seagoville, TX 4-19-70 SP4 11W 25
Archie James Roberts, Jr Corona, CA 5-11-68 PFC 58E 25
Clarence A Roussell, Jr Hollis, NY 3-6-68 2LT 43E 32
Robert Carl Runge Mountain View, CA 11-23-70 CPL 6W 79
Name Home Town Date Rank Panel Line
Alfred M Schroeder Jr. Chicago, IL 9-18-68 1LT 43W 30
Ronald Lee Schuyler Hermosa Beach, CA 10-31-68 PFC 40W 67
Luke Andrew Smith, Jr Chicago, IL 5-26-68 PFC 65W 1
J B Spearmon Conroe, TX 9-18-68 SGT 43W 31
John Raymond Taylor Taft, CA 6-3-69 CPL 23W 59
Terry Lynn Timms Columbus, OH 10-14-68 SGT 41W 63
Willie Robert Tucker Paris, KY 10-24-68 PFC 40W 27
Donald Eugene Turner Port Orchard, WA 9-18-68 SSGT 43W 31
Blair William Two Crow Kyle, SD 12-4-68 PFC 37W 43
Clifford Da Van Artsdalen Plumsteadville, PA 5-9-68 SP4 58W 1
Name Home Town Date Rank Panel Line
Durwood Wayne Verrett Monroe, LA 5-9-68 2LT 58E 1
Keith Dan Vincent Bokoshe, OK 5-11-68 PFC 58E 27
John Lloyd Vories Booneville, AK 12-5-67 MED 55E 34
George Thomas Lloy Walker Los Angeles, CA 5-7-68 PFC 64W 17
Kurtess Howard Walker Parowan, VT 5-31-70 SP4 10W 128
Richard Henry Ward Philadelphia, NY 4-20-70 SP4 11W 29
David Claud Wells Carthage, TX 5-11-68 PFC 58E 28
Steve Edward Wertz Springfield, OH 12-4-68 SP4 37W 43
Nicolas Wheeler San Diego, CA 9-13-70 CPL 07W 63
Randall Ray White Lagrange, GA 6-3-69 SP4 23W 60
Name Home Town Date Rank Panel Line
Robert Abbott Wood Savannah, GA 3-15-70 SSGT 12W 2
Hilton Edward Woolsey Mobile, AL 10-27-68 CPL 40W 47
Vernon Glen Zornes Chelan, WA 11-23-70 CPL 6W 79

  The following list is of our men that may have been with Delta Company 1/20 and were attached to other units when lost. If you can think of any names we have not listed. Contact us so we may include them.

Name Home Town Date Rank Panel Line
John Michael Scully University Heights, OH 1-13-68 2LT 34E 46
Herbert Stephen Hinson Cincinnati, OH 1-16-71 SGT 05W 49

  Please review this list of our lost brothers. If you can think of any names we have not listed. Contact us so we may include them.



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