Delta Co 11th LIB
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Delta Company 1/20

Delta Company, 1st Of The 20th, 11th Light Infantry Brigade
Americal Division

This is basic information about the Delta Company 1/20

The 11th Light Infantry Brigade was activated July 1, 1966 at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Delta Company trained, along with other units from the Brigade, deep in the jungle on the main island of Oahu. A sea landing on the island of Kauai was conducted. The Brigade went to Viet Nam aboard the USS Gordon and the USS Weigel around December 7, 1967. The units were the 1st of the 20th Battalion, the 4th of the 21st, and the 3rd of the 1st Battalions. The name "Jungle Warriors" was born in Hawaii. Brigade helicopters at the time carried the insignia of the Hawaiian beer "Primo".

The ships docked at Qui Non and the units were convoyed along Highway 1 to Duc Pho were the men set up camp and took on the security of three bridges in the area. On March 4, 1968 the company was having a three day stand down at Duc Pho when the company was hit by mortar fire and most of the personnal equipment brought from Hawaii was lost.

Delta Company "stood down" in September, 1971, and at that time the men were assigned to the 196th Brigade.

The 11th Light Infantry Brigade (and Delta Company) was headquartered at the town of Duc Pho. Duc Pho is the southern boundary of the I Corps, the northern most area of operations for the US military during the Viet Nam conflict.

As an infantry company, Delta Company spent the majority of it's time in the field, or bush. This area of Viet Nam is generally comprised of two types of terrain, either the coastal plains, with rice paddies, dry land farming or flat terrain, and the mountains, mostly triple canopy jungle, dense, limited visibility and difficult to maneuver in.

Current memory seems to think that the company returned to the States sometime in the 1973 timeframe. Members who have information to add to this history may do so through the Contact link on the website.



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