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Delta Company 1/20

Delta Company, 1st Of The 20th, 11th Light Infantry Brigade
Americal Division

Delta Company web site Awards

The Delta Company 1/20 web site has received the following awards:

Web site award - Gossamer Wings Merit Award for December 2004

  I am pleased to inform you that Delta Company, 1st Of The 20th, 11th Light Infantry Brigade has won my Gossamer Wings Merit Award for December 2004.
  You have a wonderful site that is filled with interesting content! Your navigation was very easy to use with a clean layout and design.

Best Regards,
Cat Turner
Gossamer Wings Awards Owner

Web site award from Angry Skipper I have sent the URL to the other Angry Skipper officers to view and I know they will agree that it's a more than worthy Web Site. Vietnam Veteran's are just now "coming out" of their shell our great citizens and media of the 70's put us in. Web sites like yours are what they search for when their kids let them play with the computer. Finding their Unit and their Vietnam Brothers is the only way they will ever get help and find closure to the Vietnam War.
Your site has links and locators that are so important to your Nam brothers and there is no "Bull Shit" on your site, it's all real, I enjoyed it and I am sending you the award for your site now.
Congratulations on a very well written and informative web site.
"Honor and Courage"

The Old Sarge Vietnam Sites Award I am pleased to present your site with my Vietnam Sites Award. Your site was clean and attractive in layout, navigated well, and was user friendly. Keep up the great work.
Also, as one vet to another, hold your head up high ... you have earned the right.
Gary Benton, a.k.a., "The Old Sarge"

Cyber Sarge's Vietnam Sites Award OUTSTANDING SITE!

Congratulations, your web site has just been awarded Cyber Sarge's Web Site Presentation Award.

Cyber Sarge

25th Infantry Division
A Battery 7/11 Field Artillery
Tay Ninh, RVN 1968-69

Golden Griffin Award Delta Company, your much deserved award is attached (left). You have a website of excellence and a unit to be most proud of!
My best to you and the brave troopers of Delta Company!

In Brotherhood, Grif.

Paradigm Associates  America We Sing Patriotic Website Award A very attractive, informative and well constructed site!
We would like to present you with our "America We Sing Patriotic Website Award"

Forrest Lee Horn
Senior Associate
CPT, INF, USA (Retired/Disabled)

Casper Platoon Patriotic Website Award Congratulations!
Delta Company, your website has been reviewed by our award committee and found to be an "Excellent" website. It is easy to navigate in, interesting and extremely supportive to our military, POW/MIA and our nation's veterans. Your dedication to preserve the memory and honor the men in Delta Company 1/20 11th LIB is to be commended. Your website is full of patriotism and we like it. Therefore, we are proud to present you with our Patriotic Excellence Award.
CAPO Awards Committee

Ned Costa
Casper 721

Grunt Web Award Congratulations! You have a great site, and I am pleased to award you with Grunt's Web Award.



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