Delta Co 11th LIB
Americal Heraldic

Delta Company 1/20

Delta Company, 1st Of The 20th, 11th Light Infantry Brigade
Americal Division

PTSD & Agent Orange Information


How can I get documentation of combat, Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or herbicide exposure?

A. Provide your name, SSN, unit, base location, time during which you served, and in the case of PTSD, specify stressors (for example, the death of someone you were serving with) to the:
US Army and Joint Services Records Research Center
7701 Telegraph Rd
Kingman Bldg, Rm 2C08
Alexandria VA 22315-3828

the phone number is (703) 428-6801

Supply as much information as possible so that the Center can research your case.



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